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Bio Digester Septic Tank

We construct affordable and durable bio digester septic tanks which save money and space since they require no emptying. The septic tanks have a lifespan of 40 years and a guarantee of 3 years. With great expertise and works in different regions country wide, waste management has become too simple.

Rain Water Harvesting Systems

At hydro drops U ltd , we classify rain water as an essential natural resource which should be utilized sustainably and we are experts in rain water harvesting systems. Save today with us as you minimize the high water bills. We collect water from your roof top to an underground tank or plastic tank at an affordable cost.

Plumbing Works

Construct with us as we provide quality plumbing solutions with great expertise at affordable cost. We offer both internal plumbing and external plumbing solutions and ensure no blockages and leakages.

Swimming Pool Construction

A standard house, motel, apartment, hotel, school and lodge should have a swimming pool as one of the necessities. We make this dream come true as we expertise in construction of the best and standard swimming pools at affordable cost.

Pavers and Tile Fixing Works

Have a decent paved compound and a beautiful tiled floor with our experts in tiling and paving works at affordable cost.

Water Supply Systems

The final destination of water from the reservoir matters more. We construct sustainable water supply systems from community level to national level at affordable and negotiable costs.

Borehole Construction and Maintenance

Ground water extraction is one of our expertise field, with hydrogeological surveys, we drill and construct production and hand pumps (Bore Holes) and carry out maintenance services at affordable cost.

Shallow Wells

A shallow well serves you on high water bills for your home and farm. Every home and farmland deserves a well. Shallow wells are cheap and sustainable water sources. We survey, dig and construct shallow well systems at affordable price.

Irrigation Services

Due to climate change, many farmers have lost money from their harvest due to poor yields. At Hydro Drops U Ltd, we care about the farmers through providing a variety of irrigation technologies and methods, drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems and solar powered irrigation systems.
We offer consultancy services from the planting stage to the harvest stage, design of irrigation systems and sensitization of farmers about irrigation.

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“A great expertise in sustainable water and construction works defined by desired quality, affordable cost and timely execution to meet the need of our clients"

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